Abdulhadi Hospital

Ophthalmology Center

One of the most recognized Ophthalmology Centers in the region since 2002 and the core of our hospital services, our ophthalmology center is equipped with the latest and most updated technologies to screen, diagnose and treat all kinds’ of eye diseases.

Clinical & Surgical Services:

The department also features the latest Lasik and Vision Correction machine from ALCON, which works on mapping 22,000 points on the cornea creating a 3D geographic map, thus enabling precise laser treatment and creating a higher vision correction success rate.


I came to the hospital for the Epilasik eye surgery. At first, I was a little nervous but I couldn’t be happier about my experience. From start to finish, I had absolutely no pain. The doctor and nurses were extremely helpful in telling me what would happen and helping me through the entire process, putting me more at ease. Dr. Omar was very gentle and even continued to check on me after the surgery. Best decision ever!

Julia Walsh Abu Shamma

This hospital is really 5 stars Cleanliness Excellent follow-up from the nursing staff You feel that there is no one in the hospital but you Also the management are very kind in dealing with the patients I highly recommend this hospital Greetings to all.

Eshak Al Jabali