Abdulhadi Hospital

Who We Are

Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdallah, Abdulhadi hospital was founded by Dr. Samer Abdulhadi in 2002, where he established a well renowned ophthalmology hospital with top-notch facilities and services for treating and improving people’s vision from Jordan and around the world.

Our journey did not stop there, after years of hard work and determination for changing the lives of people, Abdulhadi Eye Hospital grew to a 90-bed multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of the medical district in Amman, Jordan.

The hospital is surrounded by experienced doctors of various medical and surgical specialties, as well as international 5-star hotels, which makes access to and from the hospital easy for all the patients coming to Jordan seeking health and medical services.

We at Abdulhadi Hospital always aim to provide seamless medical and surgical services to our patients under the supervision of professional specialists and excellent nursing staff.

Patient Satisfaction

We provide patients with the highest quality of medical and surgical healthcare services to ensure their satisfaction and wellbeing.

Quality Management

We maintain the highest quality standards both in the medical and surgical fields and work in accordance with internationally recognized safety standards when providing services to patients.


We work hard to ensure a higher level of performance and efficiency of our employees with our continuous medical education program and updates in the medical field in order to provide the best treatment for patients.


Effective communication leads to a strong team; resulting in better patient care and a comfortable working environment for employees.

Insurance & Corporate Affiliates

We have partnered with local and global insurance and corporate companies to offer the best medical and surgical services to all patients.