Abdulhadi Hospital


Doctor in Charge: Yousef Mosleh

I express my gratitude and appreciation to all the hospital staff… I thank you from all my heart.

Doctor in Charge: Taher Fatayer

It didn’t feel like I was in a hospital, but rather in retreat.

Doctor in Charge: Najeh Al Omari

After 13 years of suffering has been relieved. We visited Abdulhadi Hospital and thank god my son has been treated.

Doctor in Charge: Basem Saeed

I went to more than one doctor, but I found the right treatment at Abdulhadi Hospital.

Doctor in Charge: Ihsan Al Jundi

This is my third experience at Abdulhadi Hospital, and every experience has been excellent.

Doctor in Charge: Bashar Abu Hijleh

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life…

Doctor in Charge: Wael Fatayer

I thank the hospital and all medical team from the bottom of my heart.

Doctor in Charge: Saleh Ayyoub

I thank Abdulhadi Hospital for the exceptional care they gave my son.

Doctor in Charge: Fawwaz Khammash

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Doctor in Charge: Hamdi Abu Ali

My case was rejected by my hospital due to my health condition, but Abdulhadi Hospital made it work. 

Doctor in Charge: Samer Abdulhadi

May God always bless you with the best.

Doctor in Charge: Amal Damra

Thank you for taking good care of my son.

Doctor in Charge: Bashar Abu Hijleh

I live in USA but chose Abdulhadi Hospital to get LASIK surgery.

Doctor in Charge: Wesam Rabah

After 6 years and 5 trials, we now have a beautiful baby boy.

Doctor in Charge: Samer Abdulhadi

I almost lost my vision but I came to Abdulhadi Hospital and thank God, my operation was a success.