Abdulhadi Hospital

Cardiovascular Catheterization Department

With the latest state-of-the-art cardiac machines, the Cardiovascular Catheterization Department is equipped to perform all cardiac and vascular producers with the supervision of renowned specialists and supported by team of highly trained and experienced technicians.

Diagnosis & Treatment of:

Imaging the arteries of the heart and the body to treat and diagnose early clots that may later lead to blockages in the blood vessels and pose a threat to the patient life.

We perform difficult and complex cases, some the first in the region, treating vascular blockages without the need for any surgical intervention or complete anesthesia during the procedure.

Arterial imaging is performed with the highest levels of accuracy and clarity in order to diagnose and treat the cases as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your efforts. Wonderful and great treatment from staff and doctors.

Marah Kanaan

Wonderful, integrated, and has an excellent selection of doctors.

Aziza Ahmad