Abdulhadi Hospital

قسم الطوارئ

هدفنا الوصول إلى التشخيص الدقيق والسريع وإعطاء العلاج اللازم للمريض بالسرعة القصوة.

يتواجد أطبائنا في قسم الطوارئ على مدار الساعة طيلة أيام الأسبوع لتشخيص وعلاج كافة الحالات الطارئة القادمة إلى قسم الطوارئ. ويعمل فيها أطباء إختصاص وكادر تمريضي ذو خبرة عالية ودقة مميزة.

يتكون قسم الطوارئ في مستشفى عبدالهادي من ٥ غرف لتخصصات فرعية مختلفة ولتتناسب مع كافة الفئات العمرية

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شهادات المرضى

Whether it is an emergency or a checkup. My go to place, and not because we share the same family name. The care we have received the numerous times my mom was hospitalized is tremendous. The support whenever I had to take one of my daughters to the emergency room was always on point, with the perfect balance of medical support and emotional support. Thank you for being an inspiring medical establishment.​

Lara Abdulhadi

Amazing staff, went to the ER first with my child and the staff there were very helpful and caring. My child was admitted to the pediatric department and the room was very clean and spacious. The pediatrician and pediatric nurses were more than wonderful, they were smiling all the time and they took very good care if my child. The dietitian called us and asked bout what my child likes to eat and if he was allergic to anything.

Abeer Alshroof